ID Analytics and Mattersight Join Forces to Address Voice-Facilitated Fraud

Companies Provide Call Centers with Comprehensive Fraud Detection

CHICAGO and SAN DIEGO  Mattersight Corporation (NASDAQ: MATR) and ID Analytics®, a leader in consumer risk management, today announced an agreement to enhance predictive fraud analytics at call centers.  As part of the deal, ID Analytics will incorporate Mattersight’s speech and behavioral analytics technology into future products, enabling organizations to improve fraud detection rates in their call centers while enhancing the customer experience by eliminating the need for unnecessary authentication steps.

Voice-facilitated fraud is a rapidly growing problem as call centers are a vulnerable and lucrative point of attack for fraudsters.  Sophisticated fraudsters and fraud rings are able to gather enough customer information from publicly available sources to exploit the existing authentication procedures in call centers and gain access to customer accounts.

Mattersight’s Fraud Analytics solution is designed to identify fraudsters conducting illicit activity through the contact center by recording customer calls and automatically analyzing every second of every recorded interaction, using millions of proprietary algorithms and unique behavioral models.  The output of this analysis is hundreds of data attributes on every interaction, such as:

  • Caller biometrics and acoustics (i.e. voiceprint, dialect, gender)
  • Linguistic patterns (i.e. call reason, activity conducted, missed authentication, distress patterns)
  • Non-linguistic data (i.e. response time, authentication time)
  • Account contextual data (i.e. previous interaction data, caller phone number match, location match, transfer destination)

The Fraud Analytics solution leverages these data attributes in predictive models that score every recorded call for the percentage likelihood each caller is a fraudster.  Mattersight also leverages a consortium database of known fraudsters’ voiceprints that callers are compared against to identify repeat fraudster activity.  The result is a significant reduction in voice-facilitated fraud losses and the enhanced ability to identify and stop fraud before it occurs.

“Mattersight’s cutting-edge voice biometrics, linguistic algorithms, and our predictive analytics capabilities, combined with the power of our ID Network®, will allow us to not only improve fraud detection rates, but also to reduce the amount of friction that good customers experience when subjected to cumbersome authentication activities,” said George Gelly, chief product officer, ID Analytics.

The agreement with Mattersight enables ID Analytics to further extend the definition of identity to include voice biometrics to help predict the risk of fraud taking place in call centers.

“ID Analytics brings a wealth of credibility and knowledge in the consumer risk management space, and we’re excited to partner with them and leverage our unique technology to address the voice-facilitated fraud market,” said Kelly Conway, president and CEO of Mattersight Corporation. “This application and partnership further demonstrates the breadth and power of our algorithms and analytics.”

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