Americans Would Rather Be Safe Than Thin

ID Analytics/Ipsos Survey Finds Americans Value Reduced Identity Theft Risk Over a Reduced Waistline

SAN DIEGO, CA – When asked to choose, almost 60 percent of American adults would rather reduce their risk of identity theft by 20 percent than lose 20 pounds according to survey released today from Ipsos Public Affairs and ID Analytics, Inc. Even with the battle of the bulge grabbing headlines, an estimated 120 million American adults would rather reduce their risk of identity theft than lose weight. Additionally, the study found that Americans were more concerned about their Social Security number (SSN) being stolen than their purse, wallet or laptop which could contain a greater amount of personal information.

“People say, ‘you can’t be too rich or too thin,’ but when Americans chose safety, they did so overwhelmingly,” said Larry McIntosh, chief marketing officer for ID Analytics, the leader in on-demand identity intelligence. “The survey underscores how seriously Americans take identity theft and the use of their personal information.”

Other key survey findings include:

  • What Americans value most – When given three choices in the survey, three in five Americans identified their SSN as the personal item they would be most concerned about being stolen if someone were to break into their home.
  • Laptops are precious – Technology has a strong hold on some peoples’ hearts. Almost 20 million Americans (nine percent of adults surveyed) chose their laptops more than their purse/wallet or SSN when asked about items of most concern if a robbery were to occur.
  • Seniors make health conscious choices – The only exception to the safety versus weight trend are seniors (adults aged 55+), who are almost as likely to select losing 20 pounds as they are to select reducing their risk of identity theft by 20 percent. This proportion represents nearly 30 million seniors who would choose reducing the risk of identity theft over losing weight.
  • Gender differences in security concerns – Women are more likely than men to be most concerned about their SSN being stolen (63 percent vs. 54 percent) over the other provided options.

ID Analytics owns and maintains the ID Network’ – the nation’s only real time, cross-industry compilation of identity information. The ID Network contains billions of basic identity elements and is used by many of the nation’s leading communications, financial services, retail companies, healthcare providers and government agencies to help detect potential fraud.

The telephone survey, conducted in April 2009 by Ipsos and ID Analytics, used a nationally representative sample of 1,000 randomly selected Americans ages 18 and older. With a sample of this size, the results are considered accurate within ‘ 3.1 percentage points at the 95% confidence interval.

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