1. Carmel Maher

    Fraud Risk Management in the Data Breach Era

     |  By Carmel Maher

    Fraudsters are incredibly adept at changing tactics, making fraud risk management challenging.  To further complicate this, several fraud trends have emerged over the past few years. According to Javelin, in 2017 the rate of account takeover fraud (ATO) tripled, and …

  2. Aaron Kline

    Synthetic Identity Fraud: Part Two, The Evolving Threat

     |  By Aaron Kline

    In our previous blog we discussed the significant problem of synthetic identity fraud and established that ‘symptom’ solutions, which help detect and address some forms of synthetic fraud, are not enough in the industry’s fight against this evolving threat. This …

  3. Aaron Kline

    Synthetic Identity Fraud: Part One, Manipulated Synthetic Identities

     |  By Aaron Kline

    This article is the first in a three-part series that will examine the different types of synthetic fraud and share insight regarding the development of an effective response to this evolving problem. Today’s post examines manipulated synthetic identities.

    In 2014 …

  4. Ken Meiser

    Better Identity Coalition: Update from Capitol Hill

     |  By Ken Meiser

    As Chief Compliance Officer for ID Analytics, a Symantec company, I will be keeping our readers apprised of legislative updates from Washington, D.C. that impact our industry. Last week, the Better Identity Coalition (BIC) gathered for an event on Capitol …

  5. Ken Meiser

    Synthetic Identity Fraud Legislative Update

     |  By Ken Meiser

    In my new role as Chief Compliance Officer for ID Analytics, I have been spending a great deal of time in Washington D.C. with our government relations team staying abreast of new laws that impact our industry. I will periodically …