ID Analytics Scientist Spotlight – Mike Lazarus

by ID Analytics

ID Analytics

Welcome to the first in our series of “Scientist Spotlight” blogs! Over the next few months we will profile our valued ID:A Labs scientists, showcasing their experience and expertise, role at ID Analytics, the projects they’re working on and their life outside of work.

Mike Lazarus, Chief Scientist

Background and Role at ID Analytics

As an expert in predictive and behavioral modeling and algorithmicmike_lazarus software development, Mike provides technical leadership to our analytical modeling development team.

Mike has a keen interest in making sure we are extracting as much value as we can out of data for our clients. That’s not as easy as it may sound. His team analyzes the wealth of data available to ID Analytics to apply each and every relevant piece of information using scalable machine learning technologies toward solving problems that our clients care about most. He is very passionate about finding new methods for continuous model improvements that minimize customer impact, be that updates or regulatory review processes. Mike remains focused on creating more clarity and transparency in our solutions to meet both client and regulatory demands.

A Coach and a Player

One of the things Mike likes best about his role is that he has an opportunity to be both a coach and a player. Mike works closely with Dr. Stephen Coggeshall, ID Analytics’ Chief Analytics and Science Officer, to set the agenda for analytic and technical initiatives, while also working with his team of data scientists to build models. ID Analytics has always had a tradition of developing analytics in the context of production code ready. Over the past year, his team has gone further to organize the analytics professionals into scrum teams that follow agile development principles. This helps ensure a closer alignment with engineering and more rapid time to market.

To encourage innovation across the organization, the engineering and analytics teams are now encouraged to devote 20% of their time to research and development. This also utilizes agile framework so that the team is able to ensure a regular cadence of developing new ideas. They share the ideas with clients who visit the ID:A Labs to enjoy direct collaboration with ID Analytics scientists and to help define the future of our products.

From Scientist to Sailor

When he’s not working, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and four children and taking advantage of all the outdoor recreational activities San Diego has to offer, especially sailing, biking and spending time at the beach.

Learn more about ID Analytics and the work ID:A Labs is doing and check back soon for our next Scientist Spotlight!