Cyber Monday is Coming to Town

by Aaron Kline

Aaron Kline

With Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season just around the corner, merchants have much to be excited about. According to, “U.S. retail e-commerce will grow 16.6 percent this holiday season, up from last year’s 15.3 percent rise.” In addition, mobile transactions have doubled year-over-year. In 2013, mobile commerce was 5% of total digital commerce; in 2014, it expected to grow to 20% of site sales this holiday season.1 And, with the US economy’s recovery from the Great Recession, the strong stock market, and the relative strength of the US dollar, the US online merchants are poised for a great shopping season.

But with these promising trends comes increased fraud risk for merchants and retailers. Fraudsters are capitalizing on the pre-EMV environment in retail stores, and continuing relentless attacks on digital merchants. More than any other time, offline and online merchants alike require a multi-layered approach to fighting fraud.

At ID Analytics, we focus on enabling conversion and minimizing fraud. It’s somewhat easy to deploy a generic strategy to fight fraud, but organizations often hurt their conversion rates when they use a machete-approach as opposed to a surgical one. Based on ID Analytics’ proprietary data, we’ve observed that combination of predictive risk assessments, which are invisible to the consumer, and device fingerprinting can be highly effective at combating digital fraud.

As merchants prepare for Cyber Monday, they are rightly focused on driving as much conversion as possible. Cyber Monday has become one of the largest online shopping days of the year, so this is logical. But merchants must also be mindful of the downside of expediting the checkout experience. It is critical that merchants not allow fraudsters to take advantage of such opportunities. Predictive analytics and device recognition can help address this issue. This combination is highly effective, minimizes false positives, and is completely invisible to the end consumer … or fraudster.


Aaron Kline is Director of eCommerce at ID Analytics.


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