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Evaluate Applications and Account Changes Effectively and Efficiently

ID Analytics’ fraud solutions help your business evaluate applications and account changes effectively and efficiently, delivering an accurate view into fraud risk which allows more legitimate customers to be automatically cleared, so you can focus your manual reviews on the few truly high risk applications. With unique, proprietary data from a wide range of industries, ID Analytics delivers a comprehensive view into fraud risk to evaluate applications and account changes to help you identify potential fraud.


Fraud Risk Management Solutions

ID Score®

A strong, multi-layer fraud prevention technology that evaluates identity risk based on personal information (e.g. SSN, name, address, email), ID Score 9.5  produces a single, comprehensive assessment of application fraud risk. High-scoring applications are flagged for review, based on your threshold for fraud prevention, while the rest may automatically proceed toward account opening. And ID Score 9.5 offers a 20 percent improvement in fraud detection over the previous release. Additionally, with the Rescore feature, ID Score offers the ability to rescore applications seen the previous day and identify applications with a concerning rise in risk since the initial assessment. This provides enterprises with insight into potentially fraudulent applications which may be asserted at the beginning of fraud sprees when less information is available to indicate fraud risk. Additional screening within 24 hours can improve fraud detection by 10-15 percent.

ID Score® Synthetic

ID Score Synthetic evaluates synthetic identity risk base on personal information asserted on an application. The solution targets the fundamental issue of synthetic identity – legitimacy. All forms of synthetic identity are subject to the question of identity legitimacy and in answering this question ID Score Synthetic provides a predictive identity assessment which helps enterprises identify a wide-range of synthetic identity fraud. Designed for enterprises who view, and wish to tackle, synthetics as an identity fraud problem. Enterprises who view synthetics as a credit misuse problem, please visit our Credit Risk Solutions page.

ID Score® First-Party Fraud

When customers set out to steal from your business using their real identities, it doesn’t help to run a standard credit check. You need a specialized solution. In this crime, often referred to as “muling,” customers often buy large amounts merchandise with the intention of reselling it and never paying for it. Losses from each incident can run into the thousands of dollars.

ID Score First-Party Fraud looks for the special attributes of a “mule.” These thieves have different profiles from identity fraudsters, so ID Analytics’ developed a specialized score to identify them. Heavily leveraging the updates in the ID Network, the score delivers an up-to-the-minute assessment that identifies likely “mules” for review while reducing delays for legitimate, well-intentioned customers.

ID Network® Attributes for Fraud

ID Network Attributes for Fraud delivers intuitive, specific responses to more than 175 identity-related questions, providing the critical insights needed to tackle the biggest fraud challenges.

ID Network Attributes for Fraud deconstructs ID Score, tapping into the unique blend of cross-industry consumer behaviors in the ID Network, to provide rich, meaningful insights.