See Opportunity Where Others See Risk

ID Analytics’ credit risk solutions help you make smarter lending decisions across the credit spectrum, with a comprehensive view into consumer behavior. By pairing traditional credit data with powerful alternative insights from the wireless, sub-prime and online lending markets, Credit Optics enables more predictive credit decisions across the customer lifecycle from prescreen to customer acquisition to portfolio management. Unleash the power of alternative data in every lending decision you make, to grow your business with confidence.

Whether you wish you score more thin-file consumers, screen for potential credit abuse behavior or re-evaluate your current customers, choose the credit risk solution that will help expand your customer portfolio and minimize losses.


Credit Risk Solutions

Credit Optics® Full Spectrum

Credit Optics Full Spectrum (COFS) draws from the unique blend of traditional and alternative consumer credit data in the ID Network® to inject new, predictive information into existing credit bureau and custom models. The result is an improved understanding of consumer credit risk that helps credit issuers and lenders see opportunity where others simply see risk. COFS looks at traditional and alternative credit data to predict the likelihood of a customer ending up 90 days past due or charging-off within 12 months. By evaluating non-traditional activities like wireless, sub-prime loan and alternative payment applications, COFS gives a more complete credit assessment for nearly every U.S. consumer.

Credit Optics® Full Spectrum Prescreen

Lenders are actively searching for opportunities to maximize the ROI of prescreen marketing campaigns. With Credit Optics Full Spectrum Prescreen, lenders can take advantage of powerful alternative data to help expand their universe of eligible prospects by identifying consumers who may be underestimated or underrepresented in traditional credit assessments. These consumers can present an ideal opportunity for universe expansion – not only may they align with campaign risk tolerance, but their underestimated standing typically reduces their access to credit and ID Analytics has seen these consumers more likely to respond to preapproval offers. The end result can be a more effective and efficient prescreen campaign, helping to grow both response and booking rates.

Credit Optics® Full Spectrum Portfolio

Credit Optics Full Spectrum (COFS) Portfolio is designed to help lenders identify more growth opportunities within their existing customer base. Leveraging unique and powerful alternative data not typically found in traditional credit scores, COFS Portfolio can provide lenders with missing insights into their customers’ financial behavior – helping to inform decisions which impact both revenue growth and credit risk exposure. COFS Portfolio can allow lenders to focus on expanding and increasing the lifetime value of their customer relationships in a responsible way, which can set both their account holders and their organization up for long-term success.

Credit Optics® Intentional Misuse

Credit Optics Intentional Misuse is an FCRA-governed risk assessment which predicts the likelihood that an applicant intends to misuse the credit or solution they are applying for. The solution targets one of the more challenging loss drivers in lending – credit abuse. By focusing on intent, Credit Optics Intentional Misuse is able to identify a wide-range of behaviors, including synthetic identity, first party fraud, first pay default, and bust-out. Designed for enterprises who view, and wish to tackle, synthetics as a credit abuse problem. Enterprises who view synthetics as an identity fraud problem, please visit our Fraud Risk Management page.

Credit Optics® Alternative Finance

Credit Optics Alternative Finance is a credit score designed to help alternative lenders fine-tune separation of risk among applicants within a subprime score band (typically <600). Credit Optics Alternative Finance helps lenders uncover new opportunities to accelerate growth in a highly competitive marketplace, which can enable lenders to identify more creditworthy applicants and offer more competitive and precise loan terms, relative to risk.