ID Analytics’ solutions help address the unique identity verification and authentication, credit risk, and fraud management challenges of every industry we serve. We also offer consulting services, when a solution alone isn’t enough.

Identity Solutions – Authentication and Verification

When evaluating a new customer, it’s a two-step process. Without proper authentication and verification, you may face compliance challenges and financial losses. ID Analytics’ authentication solutions leverage the unique cross-industry blend of traditional and alternative data in the ID Network® to help you know your customer better. We use non-public data to authenticate more securely than competing solutions, all at an affordable price point.

Credit Risk Solutions

ID Analytics’ credit solutions let you make smarter lending decisions, with a more complete view into consumer behavior that helps to grow your business without growing losses. By pairing traditional credit data with powerful insights from the wireless, banking and sub-prime markets, our solutions enable smarter, more predictive credit decisions across the customer lifecycle.

Fraud Risk Management Solutions

Fraudsters strike fast and hard. Their reach spans a variety of industries and is global in scale. Fraud is big business for them and can be incredibly damaging for your business. Effective fraud risk management requires a comprehensive view into the risk of new applicants and ongoing monitoring of changes to existing accounts. Through the application of advanced analytics to unique data, ID Analytics is able to distill the critical insights and assessments organizations need to detect fraud.

Consulting Services

ID Analytics’ Consulting Services leverage the knowledge of our scientists, analysts, and industry experts to deliver strategic consulting engagements tailored to the specific needs of your business. With experience in identity risk, credit underwriting, fraud remediation, and consumer lending, our full suite of managed service consulting capabilities includes: Strategy Design & Health Checks and Best Practices Training.