ID Analytics Unveils Prescreen Credit Score

ID Analytics’ suite of alternative credit risk solutions helps lenders pinpoint valuable prospects

SAN DIEGO, CA – ID Analytics, Inc., a leader in consumer risk management, today announced a new alternative credit score that has proven to help U.S. lenders and card issuers safely maximize their universe of prospects while minimizing risk. Credit Optics® Prescreen is the latest addition to ID Analytics’ Credit Optics suite of alternative credit risk solutions designed to deliver accurate risk insights into a consumer’s creditworthiness using real-time data not available from other sources. This new insight enables card issuers to reduce the cost per account to prescreen potential customers, both for direct mail and instant, or prescreen-of-one campaigns.

TowerGroup estimates that U.S. card issuers spend $5.3 billion annually on direct mail solicitations for new account acquisitions. This includes mailing countless offers to consumers that issuers will ultimately deem uncreditworthy. Leveraging ID Analytics’ ID Network®, a proprietary network of unique identity data collected from a broad range of industries including telecommunications and payday lending, Credit Optics Prescreen can help issuers focus on new, profitable customers.

“Today, lenders rely on our Credit Optics solutions to fine-tune their credit decisioning processes at acquisition and to manage portfolios. Now, Credit Optics Prescreen is available to optimize investments in marketing campaigns targeting new customers by ensuring only creditworthy prospects receive the offers,” said Steve Seoane, vice president, Enterprise Solutions for ID Analytics, Inc. “This is another way in which we are helping businesses to grow their portfolios safely by delivering a more complete picture of the consumer.”

Credit Optics Prescreen is compliant with the Federal Credit Reporting Act and can be used to screen consumers for pre-approved credit card marketing campaigns.

Key benefits include:

  1. 100 percent emerging market scoring—deliver an accurate risk assessment for 100 percent of emerging market consumers, identifying low-risk consumers for campaigns.
  2. Identify the most stable prospects—identify consumers slightly below the margin, who previously would have been removed from the prescreen universe, but who are improving their credit standing and will pass credit criteria upon response/application.
  3. Risk mitigation—identify consumers currently classified as low or medium risk, but who have recently been exhibiting increasingly risky behavior. Issuers can either reduce risk exposure by extending a more conservative offer, or remove the consumer from the universe entirely.
  4. Expanded universe—for low risk consumers misclassified by traditional credit solutions as high or medium risk, allows the issuer to include the consumer in the universe, and /or extend a more attractive offer to boost the likelihood of response.

For more information about our Credit Optics Prescreen alternative credit score, please visit our Credit Risk solutions.

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