ID Analytics Introduces ID Network Attributes

Attributes Provide Deeper Insight into Industry-Leading Identity Fraud, Credit and Compliance Solutions

SAN DIEGO, CA– ID Analytics, Inc., the leader in on-demand identity intelligence, announced today the availability of the ID Network® Attributes™, a family of products that provide organizations with greater insight into the vast array of consumer identity information within the ID Network®. These attributes reveal new and powerful insights into identity information not available from other sources such as public records or credit bureaus, while protecting the sensitivity of the data.

The ID Network is the nation’s only real time, cross-industry compilation of identity information. The network has 360 billion aggregated attributes such as names, addresses, and dates of birth, and an average daily flow of 45 million identity elements. With two million known frauds and eight million suspected frauds, the ID Network is the largest repository of reported identity frauds in the U.S.

Leveraging information within the ID Network, ID Analytics’ solutions help organizations answer three key questions about prospects and customers: “Are you who you say you are?”, “Should we engage in business with you?”, and “How should we manage our ongoing relationship with you?”

All of the company’s products leverage the ID Network to deliver reliable, high-resolution visibility into identity behavior across industries and over time, while maintaining strict privacy guidelines. ID Network Attributes deliver a more granular level of identity information consisting of derived variables from the ID Network. ID Analytics’ variables are differentiated from those commonly available because they are based on data that is not publicly available. The underlying personal identity data within the ID Network is never sold nor distributed.

“The attributes we are making available today unleash the enormous power of the information ID Analytics maintains within the ID Network,” said Bruce Hansen, chairman and chief executive officer for ID Analytics. “With the release of the ID Network Attributes, we have found a new way to enable our customers to gain more benefit from the information within the network while maintaining a keen respect for consumer privacy. Many of the attributes are key drivers of the predictive powers of our scores. Now organizations can leverage this predictive capability in their custom rules, score cards and models.”

With the release of the attributes, ID Analytics is extending an entirely new level of visibility into the way consumers use their identity elements to gain credit and services. This visibility enables organizations to fine-tune their decision making processes. The attributes can be used to produce a detailed picture of an individual’s identity characteristics while highlighting questionable patterns and risky elements.

ID Analytics today released the ID Network® Attributes for Fraud™ and ID Network®Attributes for Compliance™. ID Network Attributes for Fraud provide unique identity insight that can be leveraged to streamline manual verification processes and improve custom analytics. Examples of fraud attributes include:

  • Combination of name and data of birth is associated with suspected or confirmed fraud
  • Number of times Social Security number is submitted for scoring in the last three months
  • Number of times a fraud is reported at an address in the last six months


The attributes are applicable across a broad spectrum of fraud and identity related-regulations such as the Red Flag, USA PATRIOT Act (including “Know Your Customer”), and the Bank Secrecy Act rules.

These compliance attributes are also available as part of an integrated solution, ID Analytics for Compliance™, that includes ID Score® and Certain ID™. In this solution, ID Score automatically resolves triggered attributes for low-risk identities, and Certain ID provides a cost-effective, interactive authentication tool for resolving high-risk identities.

Later this year, ID Analytics will be releasing ID Network® Attributes for Verification™ and ID Network® Attributes for Credit™.

About ID Analytics, Inc.

ID Analytics, the leader in on-demand identity intelligence, provides unprecedented real time visibility into the risk of individuals, protecting both organizations and consumers. ID Analytics pioneered identity scoring technology. ID Analytics combines three unique capabilities to assess risk and improve the customer experience across all consumer touch points: the ID Network®‘the nation’s only real time, cross-industry compilation of identity information; Personal Topology™’ an individual’s particular identity characteristics and their connectedness to each other; and ID Analytics’ proprietary Advanced AnalyticsSM. Leading communications, financial services, retailing, and healthcare companies, as well as multiple government agencies, trust ID Analytics to provide solutions that drive new revenue opportunities, reduce financial losses, and facilitate compliance with federal regulations. ID Analytics is based in San Diego, CA. For more information, visit

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