Deluxe Corporation Selects ID Analytics to Bolster Fraud Detection and Compliance Programs

ID Analytics for Compliance™ Delivers Detection and Automated Resolution of Red Flags

SAN DIEGO, CA – ID Analytics, the leader in on-demand identity intelligence, announced today that Deluxe Corporation has selected ID Analytics for Compliance to help the company and its financial services customers comply with the Red Flags Rules issued by federal financial institution regulators. Deluxe will use ID Analytics for Compliance to help its clients improve fraud detection rates, automate compliance with the Red Flags Rules and reduce operational costs.

“The effectiveness of a financial institution’s Red Flags Rules compliance program is largely dependent upon the risk controls and accountability of its business partners. It’s why we’re always looking for the latest ways to detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft,” said Bernard McManus, director of new product innovation for Deluxe Corporation. “We’re excited about how ID Analytics will help minimize fraud risk and enhance Red Flags Rules compliance for Deluxe and our financial institution customers.”

ID Analytics for Compliance detects and automatically resolves identity fraud-related red flags during check ordering for direct deposit accounts. It enables financial institutions to better focus their limited resources on reviewing the riskiest transactions thereby reducing fraud and the associated operational costs. As a key component of Deluxe OrderScreenSM, ID Analytics for Compliance will provide compliance benefits for Deluxe’s financial institution customers, including an additional layer of protection for account holders against fraudulent requests for printed checks.

Deluxe OrderScreen streamlines orders for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) products by analyzing order, address, channel, and identity attributes that help detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft. For high-risk transactions, the solution will invoke ID Analytics for Compliance to evaluate those transactions for identity risk using the ID Network®, the nation’s only real time, cross-industry compilation of identity information. The ID Network includes over one billion consumer transactions and more than two million reported frauds.

“Today, effectively managing Red Flags Rules compliance programs goes beyond simply identifying flags and documenting the compliance process. Organizations are finding that compliance programs increase operational costs due to escalating manual reviews and introduce customer friction,” said Bruce Hansen, chief executive officer for ID Analytics. “Working together, Deluxe and ID Analytics are delivering a solution that accurately pinpoints high-risk transactions for resolution to ease the burden of compliance on both organizations and the customers they serve.”

Under the Red Flags Rules, financial institutions and creditors must implement identity theft prevention programs to identify, detect, and respond to activities that could indicate identity theft. The Rules apply to creditors and financial institutions including finance companies, automobile dealers, mortgage brokers, higher education, health care providers, utilities, and telecommunications companies. The deadline for compliance by financial institutions was November 1, 2008, while the deadline for other creditors has been extended to August 1, 2009.

The ID Analytics for Compliance solution enables organizations to both identify and automatically resolve red flags that indicate the potential for fraud in a transaction. An example of a red flag would be a check printing order that includes a mailing address known to be associated with fraud. Once a red flag is triggered, an organization must then resolve the flag’this generally requires manual intervention for regulated companies. With ID Analytics for Compliance, the red flag would be automatically resolved thus reducing operations costs and customer friction.

The ID Analytics for Compliance solution includes three ID Analytics products combined in an integrated, customer-configurable workflow:

  • ID Score®: ID Analytics’ flagship identity fraud detection system used by leading financial institutions, retailers, telecommunications providers and government agencies. ID Score detects identity misuse in real time by leveraging data within the ID Network.
  • ID Network® Attributes for Compliance™: a proprietary solution that generates red flag indicators (related to identity validation, velocity, fraud characteristics and the USA PATRIOT Act) using information within the ID Network.
  • Certain ID™: generates and delivers strong authentication questions for certain high-risk transactions. Based on identity information within the ID Network, the information used to generate questions is not readily available in public records. The responses to the questions are top-of-mind for legitimate individuals, but very difficult for fraudsters to answer.


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Deluxe Corporation, through its industry-leading businesses and brands, helps small businesses and financial institutions better operate, protect, and grow their businesses. The Company uses the internet, direct marketing, distributors, and a North American sales force to provide a wide range of customized products and services: web hosting and design services, personalized printed items (checks, forms, business cards, stationery, greeting cards and labels), promotional products and merchandising materials, fraud prevention and marketing services, financial institution customer loyalty and retention programs, and business networking services. The Company also sells personalized checks and accessories directly to consumers.

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ID Analytics, the leader in on-demand identity intelligence, protects both organizations and consumers by providing unprecedented visibility into fraud risk and credit potential. Building on the success of its industry-standard ID Score’, ID Analytics has pioneered a new generation of risk management solutions by combining the ID Network®– the nation’s only real time, cross-industry compilation of identity information; Personal Topology™- patented technology to dynamically interpret an individual’s identity characteristics and their connectedness to others; and proprietary Advanced AnalyticsSM. Leading telecommunications, financial services, retailing, utility, ecommerce, and healthcare companies, as well as key government agencies, trust ID Analytics to protect their customers, drive new revenue, reduce financial losses, and comply with federal regulations. ID Analytics is based in San Diego, CA.

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