Consumers with High Online Exposure are Four Times More at Risk for Identity Theft According to New ID Analytics Study

Study Confirms Correlation Between Online Behaviors and Likelihood of Becoming a Victim of Identity Fraud


San Diego, Calif.ID Analytics®, LLC, a leader in consumer risk management, today announced it has completed a study which verifies a correlation between a consumer’s level of online exposure and their risk of identity theft. The findings were previewed last month at the company’s Advance 2016 conference, the preeminent industry event for consumer identity and credit risk professionals.

Today’s digital-savvy consumers seek even more convenience from the organizations they interact with. This includes streamlined processes both in-store and online. Consumers expect greater ease-of-use and businesses must collect and retain more data about their customers to satisfy consumer demands. Striking the right balance between protecting a customer’s privacy, the need for security, and the customer’s desire for convenience presents a challenge.

The study, “Online Privacy vs. Security” analyzed how online activity exposes consumers to greater risk of identity theft. The analysis completed by ID:A Labs found that consumers who qualify as having a high degree of online exposure are four times more likely to become victims of identity theft than the general population.  A high degree of online exposure is defined as routinely sharing personal information through multiple online channels.

“Consumers increasingly prioritize convenience over security and privacy, which will likely lead to rising amounts of fraud in the coming years. As criminals become increasingly well-armed with the insights they need to steal more identities, they will become even harder to catch,” said Dr. Stephen Coggeshall, Chief Analytics and Science Officer at ID Analytics. “At ID Analytics, we are continuing to innovate and build more predictive versions of our technologies and methodologies and applying them to emerging fraud risks to help companies stay at least one step ahead of sophisticated fraudsters. In the last six months alone, we have seen promising results in tackling critical industry challenges such as synthetic fraud and fraud rings while exploring new concepts and developing models which look past the identity to predict the intention of an applicant.”

The most predictive variable in determining whether someone’s online exposure put them at higher risk for becoming an identity theft victim was the number of active social profiles identified. This suggests that consumers who limit their online exposure make it more difficult for fraudsters to access their personal information.  To reduce the risk of identity fraud, consumers should be cautious with regard to what information they share and where they share it.

For more information visit the ID Analytics’ Online Privacy vs. Security study.


ID Analytics sought to find out if there is really a trade-off between convenience and the risk of having your identity stolen. To accomplish this, ID:A Labs built a model designed to predict which consumers would become an identity theft victim using data from an online data aggregator which grabs information from social networks, websites which publish public record data, and other public sources.

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