Our Business Model – Strength in Numbers

Harnessing the power of extensive consumer data combined with highly advanced analytics techniques, ID Analytics helps businesses fight fraud and decrease credit risk significantly. Our clients represent a wide range of industries – traditional and online lenders, telecommunications providers, and others – who share consumer identity information and insights with ID Analytics, enabling us to help solve today’s most sophisticated risk and identity problems.

This integral partnership with our clients is possible through ID Analytics’ ID Network®, one of the nation’s largest networks of cross-industry consumer behavioral data. By combining account opening data and performance results from our client-base, we are creating an ever-growing ecosystem of knowledge that makes subsequent consumer risk and identity evaluations even stronger.

Our identity assessment model is based not only on gathering unique data but also on incorporating a combination of advanced data science, patented analytics approaches, and up-to-the minute insight into consumer behavior to help identify fraudsters and other risky individuals, before they can open accounts and establish services.

How Do We Accomplish This?

By studying connections. Each identity element provided in a consumer interaction, such as an address, has its own history of connections to other identities and events. By looking at the relationships and history of each identity element, ID Analytics is able to assess the opportunity and risk represented by a wide range of consumer behaviors. Personal topology, the linking of those elements for an individual, is a core technology embedded across our solutions.

ID Analytics understands the best defense to detect and protect against fraud is to create road blocks that give the bad guys fewer opportunities—and we couldn’t do that without the data that we receive through our relationships with our trusted partnerships. The diversity of our clients means we see identity events our competitors may miss, providing a more comprehensive view of risk.

Our strength in numbers philosophy matters: combining wide ranging data sets with innovative data science to help protect our clients and, ultimately, their customers.