Retail Banking

With more business being transacted online and through mobile devices, consumers are evolving the way they bank. ID Analytics is here to help you keep pace.

With alternative data that goes beyond what the credit bureaus see, we’re able to accurately identify customers and assess the risk of losses whether they’re standing in front of you or using a smart device hundreds of miles away. The result is a series of solutions which let you confidently extend improved account offers to more consumers, building stronger relationships without increasing risk exposure.

How It Works

Our ID Network® receives more than 100 million new identity elements every day from a wide variety of industries including leading banks, telecommunications providers and sub-prime lenders. And we have data on over 4.2 million client-reported frauds. By applying patented analytics to this unique view of consumer behavior, we help you accurately assess more consumers and provide the most competitive terms to every applicant.

How ID Analytics Can Help You
  • Grow your organization’s portfolio without growing loss rates, using comprehensive visibility into applicant risk to drive more targeted, competitive account offers
  • Authenticate customers with a quiz that utilizes non-public data in the ID Network to deliver questions that are top-of-mind for legitimate consumers, but difficult for imposters to research and guess


Solutions for Retail Banking: