Online Lending

You’re not following traditional lending models, so you don’t need traditional solutions. Our risk solutions help you assess and safely book more loans, while observing the evolving regulations in this field.

In online lending, accurately assessing individuals with thin or non-existent credit history and identifying applicants whose recent behavior makes them an acceptable risk is important – and so are detailed fraud and verification insights to keep the underwriting process moving and protect against loan stacking. ID Analytics provides both, in ways that allow for more bookings and fewer losses.

How It Works

Our ID Network® receives more than 100 million new identity elements every day from a wide variety of industries including leading banks, telecommunications providers and non-traditional lenders. By applying patented analytics to this unique view of consumer behavior, we’re able to identify and assess nearly every U.S. consumer to identify opportunity where others simply see risk.

How ID Analytics Can Help You
  • Lend more with an improved risk perspective that allows you to build more aggressive pricing and approval strategies
  • Clear more applicants through fraud and compliance processes with attributes designed to deliver clear, detailed insights


Solutions for Online Lenders: