Credit Card

Are you approving people who have solid credit bureau scores, but missing good customers who don’t? Are you generating false positives in fraud protection, leading to customer frustration and increased costs? We can help.

With alternative data that goes beyond what the traditional credit bureaus see, ID Analytics’ credit solutions can improve decisioning across the credit spectrum. By accurately identifying low risk consumers with recovering, low or no credit, these unique solutions allow you to grow your portfolio without growing risk. And, our fraud solutions will reduce false positives and customer friction, not to mention your exposure to the fraud itself.

How It Works

Our ID Network® receives more than 100 million new identity elements every day from leading banks, telecommunications providers and a number of Fortune 500 companies. And we have data on over 4.2 million client-reported frauds. By examining both traditional and alternative consumer behaviors, we’re simply able to understand people better – knowledge we translate into a host of solutions designed to turn consumers into customers, and customers into partners.

How ID Analytics Can Help You
  • Improve booking rates with enhanced approval and pricing decisions tailored to the true credit worthiness of your applicants
  • Reduce fraud losses with best-of-breed fraud solutions that deliver an up-to-the-minute picture of application risk
  • Boost operational efficiencies with accurate solutions that are capable of automatically clearing the vast majority of consumers and providing key remediation insights for unverified applicants


Credit Card Solutions: