Remove barriers to activation with risk solutions that help you safely reduce deposits for more new subscribers – even those with little to no credit history.

ID Analytics’ solutions help you add low-risk, net-incremental subscribers, while reducing the churn and equipment loss that comes with fraud and bad credit risk. Our hosted software solutions are easy to implement at all points of customer contact, allowing access to accurate and consistent insights across online, call center, mall and in-store channels.

How It Works

The key to these powerful solutions lies in the ID Network®, which has visibility into traditional credit data as well as alternative credit insights that matter – monthly transactions for pay TV, wireless and high speed internet services. By applying advanced analytics to this unique view of consumer risk, we help verify more identities, catch more frauds and reduce deposits to safely convert more legitimate applicants into paying subscribers.

How ID Analytics Can Help You
  • Increase activations by reducing deposits for low risk consumers with recovering, low or no credit history
  • Keep fraudsters and mules out of your subscriber base, without introducing undue friction for legitimate consumers
  • Auto-verify a high percentage of applicants, allowing good customers to proceed to activation friction-free


Solutions for the Communications Industry: