Navigating Through Uncertainty: Taking Stock of a Disrupted Fraud Landscape

This on-demand webcast details a series of emerging trends in the use of alternative credit data heading into 2020 — and outlines the key concepts and best practices needed to stay ahead of them. View Webinar

Approaches on Diminishing Synthetic Identity Fraud Cases

Carmel Maher, Senior Product Marketing Manager for ID Analytics presented alongside Deshietha Partee-Grier, AVP Financial Crime Investigations Unit and Sandeep Dhadda, Director, Head of Advanced Analytics for CitiGroup bring the audience to a road beyond the basics of Synthetic Identity Fraud and as they delve into the analysis of mitigating the risks of fraudulent activities through various anti-fraud measures. View Webinar

Tackle Synthetic Identity Fraud Head-on

Synthetic identity fraud is a multifaceted problem, one which has left many lenders feeling helpless. There is light at the end of the tunnel; ID Analytics & Aite Group share best practices for optimizing detection and prevention strategies to tackle synthetic identity fraud head-on. View Webinar

Synthetic Identity Fraud: Best Practices to Combat & Prevent the Evolving Threat

Kevin King, Director of Product Marketing for ID Analytics presents alongside Deshietha Partee-Grier, AVP Financial Crime Investigations Unit and Sandeep Dhadda, Director, Head of Advanced Analytics for CitiGroup on the evolving threat of synthetic identity fraud. View Webinar

Fraud Strategies for Peak Retails Days

Do fraudsters alter their techniques to maximize success on the biggest retail days of the year? As Black Friday and the busy retail season approaches, this webinar will shed new light on how fraudsters behave during these critical moments, and how that behavior shifts the calculus of fraud strategies seeking to balance business needs and risk. View Webinar

I See Fraud Rings

In 2012, merchants lost an estimated $3.5 billion to online fraud (JP Morgan CyberSource Online Fraud Report, 2012) and the methods and channels used continue to become more diverse and sophisticated. In this webinar we explore how these fraudsters are operate based on original research from ID:A Labs. View Webinar


Defending the gray areas: Untangling first-party fraud and synthetics

Our new research examined the differences in synthetic identity and first-party fraud traits and the financial impact of each. The study also discusses effective approaches that address the gray areas of identity fraud. Learn more about defense strategies for capturing both crimes. View

Solving Synthetics: Holistically Attacking a Diverse Threat

In this third installment of ID:A Lab’s three-part research series on synthetic identities, we compared the performance of a holistic synthetic solution, to traditional fraud and credit defenses and a symptom-focused synthetic solution at a leading U.S. card issuer. View

All synthetic identities are not created equal: Examining purported synthetic signatures

In this installation of the synthetic identity research series, ID:A Labs examined the variability in behavior of synthetic identities and how those differences make synthetics very difficult to solve with solutions that target only one signature trait associated with the crime. View

Slipping Through the Cracks: How Synthetic Identities are Beating Your Defenses

ID Analytics conducted a study to (a) examine how synthetic identity behaviors find their way past fraud and credit screening at leading financial institutions (FIs), and (b) determine indicators for isolating likely synthetics. This study is part one of a synthetic research series that examines synthetic behaviors and how deeper insights can be used to help reduce the growth of this elusive problem. View

Fraudsters Phone Home: How PII drives identity fraud strategies in the data breach era

In 2017 there were a record-high 1,579 data breaches, a 45% increase over 2016. Our new data study, Fraudsters Phone Home, examines how fraudsters can be revealed through patterns in the way changes are made to personally identifiable information. View

The Synthetic Epidemic: Understanding Identity Fraud after SSN Randomization

The problem of synthetic fraud isn’t new, however there has been a recent spike in synthetic identities that is more challenging to control. This paper explores the different types of synthetic identities and the emerging trends we are seeing post SSN Randomization. View

Online Privacy vs. Security

Are consumers who more freely share their personal information online at a higher risk for becoming a fraud victim? A new study from ID:A Labs confirms a correlation between online behavior and the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity fraud. View

Mitigating Application Fraud from Synthetic Identities

The latest study from Javelin explores the challenges that FIs and issuers face against a rising tide of application fraud and how the sharing of intelligence offers long-awaited hope in detecting the synthetic identities that make it possible. View

Fraud Mobility: Exploitation Patterns and Insights

One of the greatest challenges to fraud prevention and detection is understanding how a fraudster uses an identity and how quickly. This new report from ID:A Labs provides insight into fraud mobility by exploring the distinct patterns of fraud behavior associated with compromised identities. View

The Long Con: An Analysis of Synthetic Identities

This comprehensive study from ID:A Labs shows that the rate of synthetic identity fraud has increased more than 100 percent since 2010. This white paper the estimated size of the synthetic fraud issue, and possible solutions for reducing synthetic fraud. View

I See Fraud Rings

According to a new study by ID Analytics’ ID:A Labs there are more than 10,000 identity fraud rings in the U.S. This study is the first to systematically find many thousands of identity fraud rings, by developing an algorithm capable of automating the process of examining the interconnections between identity fraudsters. View


While the Social Security Administration’s 2011 decision to randomize Social Security Number (SSN) issuance made the identifier less susceptible to fraudsters, it also caused a series of unintended consequences for organizations that rely on the number’s sequencing as a key part of identity-verification and fraud defense. View


How NASA Federal Credit Union Reduced Friction for 97% of New Applicants, without Increasing Fraud Risk

Digital channels are highly desirable for both legitimate consumers and fraudsters. They also create a challenge for enterprises to balance strong risk management with a great customer experience. Learn how NASA Federal Credit Union delivered a seamless online onboarding process and decreased their operational costs without sacrificing their fraud defense strategy. View

ID Score Overview

ID Score® 9.5 is a strong, multi-layer fraud prevention technology that evaluates identity risk based on personal information (ex. SSN, name, address, email)  to produce a single, comprehensive assessment of application fraud risk.  With the Rescore feature, ID Score offers the ability to rescore applications seen the previous day and identify applications with a concerning rise in risk since the initial assessment. View

ID Score Synthetic

ID Score® Synthetic answers, “Is this identity real?” – addressing identity legitimacy rather than targeting specific behaviors that only a portion of synthetic fraudsters may exhibit. View

ID Score® Rescore

When a credit or service application is submitted, Rescore offers a second look at fraud risk 24 hours after the ID Score fraud assessment.  Additional screening within 24 hours can improve fraud detection by 10-15 percent.  View

ID Network Attributes for Fraud Overview

ID Network® Attributes for Fraud provides a series of data points, selected by industry experts, which allows institutions to build powerful custom fraud detection solutions and processes. View

Online Lending Network Overview

ID Analytics formed the Online Lending Network (OLN) consortium to respond to emerging market threats, most notably loan stacking. The OLN is a subscription-based membership that provides members with access to exclusive risk products tailored to the unique fraud and credit issues facing online lenders. View


 Synthetic Identity Infographic 

The Rising Tide of Synthetic Identities


 Synthetic Identity Infographic 

The Rising Tide of Synthetic Identities