Important updates from ID Analytics

In concert with our parent company, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, ID Analytics is closely monitoring the status of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency. As the number of cases continues to escalate globally, the health and safety of our employees and business continuity for our organization and customers remain top priorities.

You Are Our Priority – First and foremost, our team is ready and standing by to support you and your business. You rely on us every day as your trusted fraud, credit and identity risk solution provider and we are committed to providing reliable and undisrupted access to the solutions you need.

We Are Prepared – Please know that we have been long-prepared for maintaining business continuity during crises, and this is no exception. Our Business Continuity Management program includes readiness through disruptions including pandemics. We continue to act in accordance with the advisories set forth by the Centers for Disease Control’s Prevention Health Alert Notices, the World Health Organization and federal, state, and local governments regarding COVID-19.

Please note that ID Analytics has both a primary production data center (located in Las Vegas) and a warm standby site (located in San Diego), with automation to switch traffic between them. These sites are utilized, and therefore tested, quarterly during scheduled maintenances. We are happy to report that we have experienced no system downtime during these unusual circumstances – nearly 100% of IDA employees have been working remotely since March 16 – and all systems are running smoothly.

Now that we are a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Company, our team has access to Elsevier’s The Lancet Infectious Diseases department. As a leading provider of scientific and medical information, RELX, our parent company, is well positioned in terms of having its own expert advice. LexisNexis Risk Solutions has aligned RELX’s continuity plans with our incident management and business continuity program for an integrated approach.

Production Releases Postponed – Our priority is keeping our systems up and available. During this time of extreme market changes, ID Analytics is postponing nonessential environment and product changes.

Protecting Our Employees – As the number of cases continues to escalate globally, the health and personal safety of our employees is paramount, as is doing our part to help contain the spread of the virus. We have postponed ALL travel and adopted a flexible approach to working from home for all employees. As of March 19th, the Governor of California has issued an order for all state residents to stay at home unless engaged in, or accessing, essential services. In compliance with that order, our San Diego corporate office employees will work from home until further notice. Our team has transitioned well to working remotely and we are staying connected via multiple channels.

Questions? Please reach out to your account manager or sales representative for more information or with any questions you may have. You can also contact us at

Please note, while this page should be a convenient reference point in the coming weeks and months, we will absolutely contact you directly should there be any critical updates that impact your business.

COVID-19 Question & Answers

Does your organization have a Pandemic response team?
ID Analytics’ parent company, RELX, has a pandemic governance model to ensure that we manage the response to any pandemic in the most appropriate way. The model consists of four steering groups: Corporate Steering Group, America’s Steering Group, EMEA Steering Group, APAC Steering Group. As they are the front line to our employees, all team supervisors have been incorporated into the response team and have been instructed to consider effective ways in which their teams can operate remotely and stay connected.

Additionally, ID Analytics has a Business Continuity Plan(BCP) that is tested annually, most recently in November 2019, portions of which have already been enacted as the IDA has moved to working nearly 100% remotely since the week of March 16th.

Has your organization taken steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?
Yes. For well over a month, ID Analytics and our parent companies LexisNexis and RELX have been closely monitoring the advisories set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Health Alert Notices, the World Health Organization’s Situation Reports, and country and local governments regarding COVID-19.

ID Analytics’ only physical office – located in San Diego – had implemented a program encouraging work-from-home since the week of March 16, with California Governor Newsome’s March 20th stay-at-home order effectively transitioning those few employees still in the office to work-from-home as well. All employees outside of San Diego already are 100% work-from-home, and ID Analytics has cancelled all travel for the coming months.

For employees in your organization who have had exposure, what steps have been/are being taken to quarantine them and limit exposure?
The ID Analytics team has been working remotely since the week of March 16th and has cancelled all planned travel, so employees should not be at risk for contracting COVID-19 from a co-worker exposed to the virus.

Is your organization currently impacted by COVID-19?
At this time, there has been no impact to production operations – all services remain available and functional

Can the essential aspects of the product or service requiring employee interaction be performed by LexisNexis Risk Solutions employees working from alternate locations or at their homes?
Yes, ID Analytics is well equipped for employees to work remotely or at their homes and has been doing so since the week of March 16th without disruption to client services. Our messaging platforms, emergency communication, business continuity and direct response plans are tested on a regular basis; the tests are reviewed and action items are assigned from the after-action report.

Do you as a vendor have any new or emerging concerns about the ability to deliver goods or services during a pandemic?
No, assuming that internet infrastructure (and other infrastructure that we rely on) does not suffer from degradation or outage. Our business continuity/pandemic programs include plans to ensure readiness through disruptions including pandemics.

Nearly 100% of the ID Analytics team has been working remotely since March 16th without disruption to client services, and ID Analytics has cancelled all travel for the coming months in favor of virtual meetings.

What communications can customers expect regarding COVID-19?
ID Analytics has established a COVID-19 response page on our website – – which will continue to be updated with any pertinent information about COVID-19’s impact to our services. That said, it’s important to note that clients will continue to receive direct communication via email from ID Analytics on any material changes to the services they rely on.

What steps have been taken to address any potential impact associated with third parties that support your organization?
Critical suppliers have been identified and a program to assess their Business Continuity readiness is underway.