by Ken Meiser

Ken Meiser

When Victor Frankenstein set out to fashion a new life form with body parts he gathered from multiple corpses, he was unaware of the damage his creation would later inflict on innocent people.1 While Frankenstein’s monster was a fictional …

by Stephen Coggeshall

Stephen Coggeshall

Would you trade your sensitive personal information for a cookie? Probably not? Well, that’s just what 380 New Yorkers did in a ‘Please Enable Cookies’ experiment conducted at an arts festival in Brooklyn in 2014. In a twist on the …

by ID Analytics

ID Analytics

As a featured speaker at the TRMA 2016 Spring Conference, ID Analytics’ Raj Dasgupta will present best practices for minimizing identity-related fraud, helping victims of identity theft, and improving the processes that address these issues.

Surprising Statistics

In today’s world, …

by Ken Meiser

Ken Meiser

Identity fraud places a burden on victims and presents tremendous challenges to businesses and government agencies. In 2014, the nature of the breaches had migrated from financial access to identity theft. In fact, 54% of all data breaches were described