1. Patrick Reemts

    New Solutions for Online Onboarding

     |  By Patrick Reemts

    A recent trend in the retail banking market is the increasing demand by customers for an online component to their banking relationship. Traditionally, demand deposit accounts (DDA) have been opened by customers inside their local bank branch. However, customers have …

  2. Ken Meiser

    Unintended Consequences: The Impact of SSN Randomization on Risk Management

     |  By Ken Meiser

    Originally designed to track individual contributions to the Social Security Program, a person’s Social Security Number (SSN) has evolved to unintentionally become a near universal identifier synonymous with a person’s identity. SSNs never expire, are never reclaimed, seldom reissued, and …

  3. Aaron Kline

    Reducing Headaches from Mobile ID Proofing

     |  By Aaron Kline

    Last year might end up being remembered as the year that mobile commerce came of age with mobile devices becoming a suitable way to shop online. According to IBM, mobile traffic during the 2013 holiday season made up 39.7 percent …