Is your enterprise leveraging the competitive advantages of alternative credit data?

by ID Analytics

ID Analytics

In our previous blog we discussed the benefits of using alternative credit data to score thin-file and no-hit consumers, particularly the millennial generation. This is an excellent use case because according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, there are approximately 45 million U.S. consumers who either have no credit history or lack sufficient information to generate a bureau score from a nationwide consumer reporting agency.¹

Scoring thin-file and no-hit consumers is a mainstream use of alternative credit data today; is your enterprise missing out on the lesser known competitive advantages of alternative credit data?

On June 28, ID Analytics will host a webinar titled, The Next Frontier: Where Alternative Credit Data is Headed. You don’t want to miss this candid conversation that will address the following questions:

  • What is the next evolution for alternative credit data in the United States?
  • How can lenders apply alternative data to make more competitive offers to prime and super-prime customers?
  • Which use cases are the next step in lenders’ adoption of these powerful and underleveraged insights?


Join ID Analytics’ Jason Heil, Principal Product Manager, Credit Risk Solutions and Carmel Maher, Senior Product Marketing Analyst, for The Next Frontier: Where Alternative Credit Data is Headed as they explore the landscape and future state of alternative credit data.



1. CFPB, (accessed June 12, 2018).