ID Analytics Wins the 2015 Agile Team of the Year Award

by ID Analytics

ID Analytics

We’re pleased to announce that ID Analytics is the winner of the 2015 Agile San Diego Team Excellence Award from Scrum Day San Diego. Our scrum teams were recognized based on the adoption of the Agile process and how the process has affected our culture, technical development, customers, and business. According to the Scrum Alliance website, ‘agile frameworks help companies accelerate time to market, increase productivity, and respond to changes in priorities. The adoption of the Agile process has had a profound impact on our business, and most impressively we’ve successfully scaled the Agile process to ten scrum teams, all while sticking to the process’ core principles.

 A few highlights from our implementation process include:

  1. Cultural impact: What began as a team sharing a new approach for communicating and partnering evolved into a company-wide transformation. We found that our new approach extended beyond interpersonal mechanisms into unexpected areas such as staffing, seating, morale, floor planning, furnishings, organizational structure, and more. Now, three-plus years after the initial adoption of Agile, it can be readily seen that ID Analytics has embraced the core values of Agile: Trust, Commitment, Respect, Visibility, and Courage.
  2. Technical impact:  The requirement to build, test, release, and deploy within a single sprint was simply not do-able within our previous technical framework and we systematically began to change our architecture to condense the release cycle so that it could match the cadence of Scrum. We put measures in place to achieve automated testing and implemented a continuous testing environment in addition to a continuous delivery pipeline for all products.  Our next initiative, continuous deployment will allow us to build, test, release and deploy in a highly iterative, high-confidence, and high-quality manner.
  3. Customer impact:  The ability to get new products and versions to market quickly and rapidly create the availability of options for our customers to consider was perhaps the most significant benefit we saw from the Agile process.  The ability to offer options and ‘customize’ in the eyes of the existing or prospective customer became an integral part of the sales and client dialogue.
  4. Business: As a result of the transition to Agile, we saw our time to market decreased while our employee satisfaction levels substantially increased.

Members of the ID Analytics scrum teams attended Scrum Day San Diego, which took place June 12, 2015, to accept the award and to discuss their Agile process adoption. The event featured an interesting and diverse mix of speakers from San Diego County sharing best practices and techniques on Scrum, Lean, and all things Agile.  

Thank you Scrum Day San Diego for recognizing our team!