ID Analytics Unveils ID Connect™ at Finovate Fall

by Aaron Kline

Aaron Kline

Javelin estimates that 63% of the U.S. population will use mobile banking by 2018. Additionally, of consumers applying for new checking and credit card accounts, 70% seeking checking accounts and 80% of those applying for credit card accounts prefer to apply through digital channels1. Are you providing a frictionless and innovative mobile experience for these online customers?

Today Aaron Kline, Vice President of Innovation and New Ventures for ID Analytics, is unveiling our new digital enrollment product ID Connect™ on stage at the Finovate Fall Conference in New York. We’re excited to introduce a solution that offers enterprises a fast and easy way for their customers to enroll in services online while minimizing risk to their business. For most consumers initiating a transaction, ID Connect requires a minimal amount of information to be collected to validate the user’s identity, automatically populate fields within the application, and perform a risk assessment, completing the application process in a matter of seconds. ID Connect leverages the power of the ID Network®, a unique cross-industry repository of real-time consumer information, which has provided a comprehensive perspective on identity and credit risk for more than a decade.

Click here to learn more about how ID Connect allows businesses to grow safely while managing against fraud risk. With online and mobile applications and enrollments continuously on the rise, it’s critical for businesses to provide a seamless digital experience for their customers.

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Aaron Kline is Vice President of Innovation and New Ventures at ID Analytics, LLC


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