ID Analytics Scientist Spotlight – Sunhyoung Han

by ID Analytics

ID Analytics

Welcome to the second post in our series of “Scientist Spotlight” blogs! Over the next few months we will profile our valued ID:A Labs scientists, showcasing their experience and expertise, role at ID Analytics, the projects they’re working on, and life outside of work.

Sunhyoung Han, Senior Principal Scientist

Background and Role at ID Analytics

SunhyoungSunhyoung Han is a senior principal scientist with ID Analytics. She applies her passion for data science to finding the truth and order behind the messiness of data. Sun enjoys analyzing data to understand how patterns of consumer behavior impact our clients and the solutions we develop for them. Sometimes her discoveries may lead to a new predictive model, or they may help a client optimize their policies to improve results.

Contributing to Innovation

Sun describes working at ID Analytics as different from other places she has worked because our data scientists have the freedom to make their own contributions to innovation and new product development. She believes that this approach stimulates people to think about problems in various new ways while sharing a common vision and direction. Data scientists at ID Analytics are encouraged to learn about all of the different business problems that we solve for our clients and to work fluidly across projects to offer varied perspectives.

From Korea to San Diego

She describes mathematics as the universal language of the analytics team, which is made up of a group of people with diverse backgrounds in terms of nationality, native language, and area of educational specialty. Sun is originally from Korea. She came to the United States in 2004 to achieve her Ph.D. in electrical computer engineering by herself, leaving her husband and her baby in Korea. She feels fortunate to have such a supportive family who believes in her and allowed her to focus on her studies. Sun’s family have since joined her in San Diego, and in addition to her work she enjoys spending time with them and playing the piano and performing with other amateur musicians.

Learn more about ID Analytics and the work ID:A Labs is doing and check back soon for our next Scientist Spotlight!