ID Analytics Scientist Spotlight – Darwin Villagomez

by ID Analytics

ID Analytics

Welcome to the third post in our series of “Scientist Spotlight” blogs! Over the next few months we will profile our valued ID:A Labs scientists, showcasing their experience and expertise, role at ID Analytics, the projects they’re working on, and life outside of work.

Background and Role at ID Analytics

Darwin Villagomez is a director of analytics for ID Analytics. Early in his career, he worked as a geophysicist specializing in the study of volcanos and earthquakes. According to Darwin, there are many similarities in the math and science of predicting seismic events and what we do here at ID Analytics.

Darwin is interested in understanding consumer trends and behavior in the aggregate, and transforming this insight into solutions that help make it easier for consumers to gain access to credit. To achieve this, he and his team model how people think, make decisions, and behave in different circumstances. These models help them better understand consumer credit behavior and how people react when experiencing different life changes and events. He likes that at the core our business helps protect consumers from fraud and provide them with better access to credit.

Always Learning New Things

Darwin feels that he’s lucky to have a job where he has an opportunity to manage and grow a team of interesting, highly skilled professionals while still having time for his first love, math. All managers on the analytics team are very hands-on and build models and code alongside their colleagues. Darwin enjoys the diversity of backgrounds on the ID Analytics team and believes that hiring people who he describes as “are smarter than me” ensures that he’s always learning new things.

Love of Mountain Climbing

Based on his background as a volcanologist, it’s not surprising that Darwin loves to mountain climb. Originally from Ecuador, Darwin has climbed the volcano named Ecuador on the Galapagos Islands, as well as Cotopaxi and Pichincha, among others.

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