Kevin King Kevin King has nearly a decade of experience in credit risk and fraud analytics, having served in a variety of roles at ID Analytics since joining the company in 2007 including analytics, business analysis, product strategy and professional services. In each of these roles, King has focused on applying ground breaking analytic tools to the unique financial services challenges, and has directly supported projects at top 10 banks, several “Big 4” wireless carriers, the two leading U.S. satellite television companies, and multiple leading cable and internet providers. A driving force behind ID Analytics’ thought leadership program, he has authored several thought leadership whitepapers on a range of topics spanning fraud, credit and identity risk. King holds a B.A. from the University of Colorado.

Is Your Fraud Strategy Ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday is quickly approaching and the weekend shopping forecast is bright. Consumer spending is expected to increase by 47% from the same period in 2016.1 This time period includes Cyber Monday, which holds the record for the largest …

Finding the Right Fit: A Fraud Strategy without Compromise

Businesses today are seeing a greater volume of fraud attacks at account opening than ever before,1 and with valid personally identifiable information readily available from data breaches, application fraud techniques are becoming more sophisticated and widespread.2 This puts …

Growing P2P Marketplace Through Evolved Fraud Management

When most organizations think about deploying origination fraud strategies, the focus is often on reducing losses and trimming operational expenses. The marketplace or peer-to-peer lending industry is not like most industries. The pain this industry feels by each successful fraud