A word from our CEO: 2018 year in review and a preview of 2019

by Ajay Nigam

Ajay Nigam

ID Analytics had a lot to be thankful for in 2018. First, I want to thank our clients for their unwavering support and for the valuable advice throughout the year which helped us shape our strategy and roadmap. At ID Analytics, we strive to be a strategic partner by gaining deeper insight into our customers’ problems to better align our strategy to their journeys.

When I assumed the role of CEO in October, we were just going to market with innovative synthetic identity solutions – ID Score® Synthetic and Credit Optics® Intentional Misuse.

These new solutions are significant because they were designed based upon what our clients care about. Voice of the customer is something we take very seriously, which led to us offer a comprehensive approach to the burgeoning synthetic identity issues that our industry is facing. Our synthetic solutions focus on the core issue of identity legitimacy and understanding the impact of synthetics from both a credit and fraud risk perspective.

Looking ahead to 2019, our product roadmap will continue to invest in expanding our core business around identity fraud and credit risk management.

We remain committed to supporting credit business needs, allowing our customers to extend the value delivered by our Credit Optics® Full Spectrum product line to emerging economic scenarios.

To deliver a seamless consumer experience while protecting themselves against identity fraud, our customers are demanding continuous identity proofing which does not compromise user experience. With our parent company, Symantec, we are exploring ways to support enterprises across multiple channels – mobile, web, and voice – in an effort to deliver greater visibility into the consumer life cycle. With ID Analytics’ unique visibility into real-world identity, and Symantec’s knowledge of cyber risk, this holistic perspective has the potential to create true identity trust between organizations and their consumers.

In closing, something I wish to acknowledge and celebrate is the highly collaborative culture between our internal teams that extends to our relationships with our clients. We are committed to providing a nimble environment that allows us to respond to economic changes that impact the markets we serve. If you aren’t a client yet, tell us what you care about. Is there something you wish you could do differently in your organization?

Enjoy this holiday season and I look forward to creating success together in 2019!



Ajay Nigam

CEO, ID Analytics, a Symantec company

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