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  1. Gavin Sollinger

    How NASA Federal Credit Union reduced friction for 97% of new applicants, without increasing fraud risk

     |  By Gavin Sollinger

    Fraudsters today use increasingly sophisticated tactics and target a wide range of industries. Account takeover and new account fraud are on the rise, including in new areas such as merchant debit cards, prepaid cards and mobile phone accounts. One of …


  1. Scott Hamlin

    Attacking synthetics – a real approach to uncovering potentially fake identities

     |  By Scott Hamlin

    Over the last several years, the ID Analytics team has discussed the issue of synthetic identity fraud extensively with its clients to gain a better understanding of how they view the problem, how it’s impacting their organizations, and what tools …

  2. Rich Heath

    3 Reasons to use Alternative Credit Data in Prescreen Campaigns

     |  By Rich Heath

    In today’s competitive marketplace, it is important to deliver innovative financial solutions that create opportunities for growth in lending and consumer spending. Many of the largest U.S. lenders who work with ID Analytics have been telling us that prescreen marketing …

  3. Ken Meiser

    Building a case for alternative credit data: Scoring persistently credit invisible consumers

     |  By Ken Meiser

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has identified that approximately 45 million consumers are either credit invisible or unscorable by major credit bureaus. People who don’t have established credit face several obstacles; many may be unable to get approved for …

  4. Rich Heath

    Can alternative credit data help evaluate prime consumers?

     |  By Rich Heath

    Our recent blogs demonstrate the benefits of leveraging alternative credit data to identify more creditworthy consumers who are considered credit invisible and provide greater insights to marginal consumers who may be seen as having similar risk by traditional scores. Lenders …