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  1. ID Analytics

    Alternative data recognized by five federal agencies, an ID Analytics viewpoint

     |  By ID Analytics

    Earlier this week, five federal financial regulatory agencies issued a joint statement on the use of alternative data in underwriting by banks, credit unions, and non-bank financial firms. These agencies noted several benefits alternative data may provide to consumers, such …


  1. Carmel Maher

    Will synthetics be a grinch who stole Christmas this Black Friday?

     |  By Carmel Maher

    ‘Twas the night before Black Friday and as retailers were preparing for the masses, synthetic identities were slipping past lenders’ fraud defenses…

    The holiday shopping season is upon us and 2019 retail sales are predicted to mark the first-ever trillion-dollar …

  2. Kevin King

    Is identity fraud becoming a leading economic indicator?

     |  By Kevin King

    Economists continue to debate whether the next recession is around the corner or several years off. In recent months, ID Analytics has observed an interesting trend – fraudsters appear to be behaving as if the economy is already in a …

  3. Carmel Maher

    Transforming portfolio management with alternative credit scores

     |  By Carmel Maher

    Enterprises have begun to see the value in using alternative credit scores as part of their lending decision processes for various use cases – from identifying more creditworthy consumers to discovering marginal consumers with potential for growth. While the use …

  4. Gavin Sollinger

    How NASA Federal Credit Union reduced friction for 97% of new applicants, without increasing fraud risk

     |  By Gavin Sollinger

    Fraudsters today use increasingly sophisticated tactics and target a wide range of industries. Account takeover and new account fraud are on the rise, including in new areas such as merchant debit cards, prepaid cards and mobile phone accounts. One of …