Securing the Customer Experience: Verify the ID and the Identity

Fraudsters are growing more aggressive in their attacks, while consumers are growing more intolerant of the friction involved in authentication. Unfortunately, most photo-capture solutions miss a critical step of verifying the actual identity asserted on the ID. View Webinar

Striking the Right Balance – Authentication & the Customer Experience

Digital channel fraud is rapidly evolving, but technology is now available to increase security while reducing friction in the customer journey. View Webinar

Top Five Ways to Increase Application Volume

A recent Forrester study cites abandonment rates for online banking applications to be at an all-time high of 97.5%. How can organizations reverse this abandonment trend and increase application volumes? View Webinar

Javelin – A Tipping Point for Digital Account Opening

In this webinar from Javelin we explore strategies for building an integrated omnichannel process that focuses on customer choice without compromising fraud security.  View the webinar now to learn how to leverage digital account opening to target your most profitable customers. View Webinar

Simplifying Digital Enrollment

As digital account opening continues to grow rapidly, simplifying digital enrollment has become a major pain point for financial institutions. Self-service account opening is still problematic due to the complexity of the application process. In this webinar from American Banker, Julie Conroy from Aite joins Aaron Kline of ID Analytics for a discussion on the state of the union in digital onboarding and to highlight some industry best practices. View Webinar


New Solutions for Online Onboarding

The retail banking industry has seen a significant increase in the percentage of consumers opening demand deposit accounts online. (Aite Group, 2014) What’s the right strategy for assessing this growing channel? View Webinar



Strengthening Photo Capture for Lower-Friction Verification

Enterprises must master balancing customer experience with effective verification during new account opening – and while photo capture helps improve the customer experience, not all technologies are as secure as they seem. View

Making Digital Account Opening Simpler, Safer and Seamless

This new study from Javelin explores the shift to digital account opening, and the challenges facing financial institutions as they seek to fulfill consumer expectations in this digital-centric world. View

Improving Insight into Identity Risk through Attributes

How can an institution gain detailed insight into identity risk to assess the risk of new customers? Identity attributes are an excellent complement (or alternative), to scores when an institution is looking for a third-party opinion about a prospective customer’s legitimacy or risk for fraud. View

The Trouble with Names /Dates of Birth Combinations as Identifiers

Direct marketing and many other consumer analytics frequently rely on name/dates-of-birth (DOB) combinations for personal identification. We will demonstrate that empirically, names/DOB combinations are woefully inadequate as a precise tool for personal identifiers; this is true for common, especially for cyclical and trendy names appended by a DOB. View



ID Connect® Identity Verification

ID Connect for verification leverages advanced photo-capture technology to perform fast, cost-effective, and comprehensive verification. The solution allows most consumers to take a photo of their driver license, or other government-issued ID, to capture and extract the data on the ID for verification.  View

ID Connect Expedite Applications

ID Connect for expediting applications enables enterprises to request only a minimal amount of information from a consumer to apply for a new account – boosting application volumes by reducing friction from an otherwise cumbersome process. View

Case Study: Increasing New Account Conversion and Reducing Application Fraud

Could you increase online conversion by streamlining your application process? Since integrating ID Connect, DataX experienced an overall 9 percent improvement on conversions for all online applications. Verifying identity during the application process helped generate higher quality applications quickly, leading to increased revenue per application submitted. Download the case study to learn more. View

Certain ID® Overview

Organizations need an effective knowledge-based authentication (KBA) solution that balances security and the overall customer experience. Certain ID® is a dynamic identity proofing tool that generates targeted questions from the comprehensive data in ID Network® — the nation’s only real-time, cross-industry compilation of identity information. View

Comply360® Overview

Comply360 affordably addresses regulatory compliance requirements by utilizing unique cross-industry data to help clear and remediate identities, ultimately reducing the volume of manual reviews needed to comply with government regulations. Comply360 leverages the value of the ID Network to quickly and cost-effectively
support regulatory compliance mandates for USAPA, OFAC, FTC Red Flags and others. View

ID Network® Attributes for Fraud Overview

ID Network Attributes for Fraud provides a series of data points, selected by industry experts, which allows institutions to build powerful custom fraud detection solutions and processes. View

ID Network Attributes for Verification Overview

ID Network Attributes for Verification provides a high level of granular insight designed to answer identity-related questions crucial to verification challenges. View



 Digital Account Opening Infographic

Seamless & Safe Digital Account Opening