Benefits of Partnering with ID Analytics

We are proud of the partnerships ID Analytics has forged with leading organizations, which afford us the ability to deliver solutions through a variety of channels.

By offering ID Analytics’ market-leading credit and identity risk solutions, our enterprise partners drive growth and differentiate their product portfolios. Our technology provides real-time insight into consumer behavior based on proprietary data within our ID Network® and patented analytics—insight not available from any other source. The enterprise partner program enables a broad range of organizations to deliver risk management solutions that provide unprecedented visibility into consumer risk dynamics.

Current partnerships include:

DataX, Ltd., a Selling Source, LLC company, specializes in developing industry-leading risk management services. For more information, visit:
CoreLogic is a leading property information, analytics and services provider in the United States and Australia. For more information, visit:
As a full-service data provider, CoreLogic Teletrack, supports the risk assessment needs of payday loan providers, installment lenders, rental purchase companies and other consumer finance businesses serving consumers with less than perfect credit histories. For more information, visit:


For more information, visit:
Visa U.S.A. connects cardholders, merchants and financial institutions through the world’s largest electronic payments network. For more information, visit:
TransUnion is a leading global information solutions company that customers trust as a business intelligence partner and commerce facilitator. For more information, visit:


Enova Decisions™ uses real-time predictive analytics and its on-demand digital decisioning platform to help companies build decision flows that make data-driven operational decisions instantly and at scale. For more information, visit:
Bridgeforce is a specialized multi-national consulting firm serving a variety of clients involved in almost all aspects of the consumer and small business lending and payments space. For more information, visit:
Acxiom provides the data foundation for the world’s best marketers. Acxiom is a registered trademark of Acxiom Corporation. For more information, visit:


GDR, a FinTech Company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, is committed to developing tools to help better manage the investment risks associated with consumer lending. For more information, visit:
For more information, visit:
TSYS® (NYSE: TSS) unlocks opportunities in payments for payment providers, businesses and consumers. For more information, visit:


CRIF Lending Solutions is the nation’s largest provider of loan and account origination, business process outsourcing, credit decisioning, data access, and lending and marketing analytics solutions. Now part of MeridianLink. For more information, visit:
iovation is a trusted source for mobile and online fraud prevention. For more information, visit:
ThreatMetrix secures Web transactions against account takeover, payment fraud, identity spoofing, malware, and data breaches. For more information, visit:


DMS is a risk management solution provider that helps clients make better informed business decisions. For more information, visit:
Zoot is a global provider of advanced loan origination, account acquisition, and credit risk management solutions. For more information, visit:
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