Reduce friction from the conversion process without increasing fraud risks, by accurately identifying the number of high-risk transactions truly needed for manual review.

Transaction Protector™ evaluates each transaction to determine the likelihood of fraud. It reduces the number of transactions that require manual review, ensuring that more customers proceed friction-free through the checkout process.

How It Works

Transaction Protector assigns a risk score to each transaction based on a range of critical factors, like whether the name or shipping address has been asserted extensively over the past 24 hours, to deliver an accurate view of fraud risk. High-risk transactions are flagged for review, while the vast majority of consumers continue unabated toward conversion.

How Transaction Protector Can Help You

  • Increase conversion rates without increasing risk
  • Reduce charge-backs by applying a unique and comprehensive view of identity risk to identify fraudulent transactions
  • Boost operational efficiencies with fewer, more efficient manual reviews