When you want to gain a more detailed understanding of transaction risk, you need clear and intuitive insights that don’t skimp on the details.

Transaction Advanced Intelligence™ delivers a bundle of more than 190 derived data points for use in your custom analytics tools, manual reviews and rule-based processes for approvals. These attributes reduce friction from the conversion process without increasing fraud risks, by accurately identifying the number of high-risk transactions truly needed to manually review.

How It Works

Transaction Advanced Intelligence taps into the cross-industry blend of online and offline consumer behaviors in the ID Network® – with 54 million new identity elements added every day – to provide rich, meaningful information to clear the vast majority of transactions, including those that other solutions misclassify as high risk.

How Transaction Advanced Intelligence Can Help You

  • Increase conversion rates without increasing risk by assembling rules and models that shrink false positives
  • Reduce charge-backs by applying a unique and comprehensive view of transaction risk to identify likely frauds
  • Boost operational efficiency with detailed responses to the critical questions needed to streamline manual reviews