Grow your customer base safely, while saving time and money by reducing manual reviews. ID Score® accurately assesses the likelihood that an application will result in fraud.

ID Score can evaluate every application you receive, regardless of acquisition channel. Because the ID Network® is updated in real-time, ID Score is able to deliver an up-to-the-minute fraud assessment to help you keep the bad guys out, while minimizing friction for good customers.

How It Works

ID Score evaluates every identity element on any application.  If the application is submitted using a computer or smartphone, ID Score has the ability to assess the historical risk of that device. High-scoring applications are flagged for review, based on your threshold for fraud prevention, while the rest can be quickly cleared. And the latest release of ID Score 9.0 offers a 30 to 50 percent improvement in fraud detection over the previous release.

How ID Score Can Help You

  • Reduce fraud losses with an accurate, up-to-the minute fraud assessment
  • Boost operational efficiency with fewer manual reviews targeting only truly high-risk applications
  • Improve customer experience by minimizing the amount of legitimate applicants manually screened