When customers set out to steal from your business using their real identities, it doesn’t help to run a standard credit check. You need a specialized solution.

In this crime, often known as “muling,” customers often buy large amounts of equipment or merchandise with the intention of reselling it and never paying for it. So losses from each incident typically run into the thousands of dollars.

How It Works

ID Score® First Party Fraud looks for the special attributes of a “mule.” These thieves have different profiles from identity fraudsters, so ID Analytics’ scientists designed a specialized score to identify them. Heavily leveraging the real-time updates in the ID Network®, the score delivers an up-to-the-minute assessment that identifies likely “mules” for review while reducing delays for legitimate, well-intentioned customers.

How ID Score First Party Fraud Can Help You

  • Reduce first party fraud losses with a real-time fraud assessment purpose-built for this unique challenge
  • Catch more mules with less effort by focusing efforts on the truly high risk applicants
  • Improve customer experience by minimizing the manual review of legitimate applicants