Don’t let fraudsters steal your customers’ sensitive information and valuable assets. Assess every account change, including address updates and new-card requests to determine which ones are likely to be fraudulent.

ID Score® Account Takeover lets legitimate customers change their information easily, with no hassles. It compares each change with the proprietary consumer data in the ID Network®, which includes more than one trillion aggregated data elements, to identify changes with suspicious patterns of behavior for review.

How It Works

With access to over two billion cross-industry transactions, the ID Network knows your customer well. ID Analytics can accurately predict whether a change in account information is likely to be the first step in an account takeover. You’ll spend less time reviewing changes, while better protecting your customers and your brand from fraud.

How ID Score Account Takeover Can Help You

  • Safeguard customer relationships by protecting their information and assets
  • Preserve your brand by protecting your organization from reputation damaging fraud incidents
  • Catch more fraudsters with less effort, by focusing reviews on the truly high-risk changes