When making crucial fraud assessments, sometimes you need more than a score. You want detailed data on the characteristics necessary to drive custom models, rules-based strategies and even manual investigations.

ID Network® Attributes for Fraud delivers intuitive, specific responses to more than 175 identity-related questions, providing the critical insights needed to tackle the biggest fraud challenges.

How It Works

ID Network Attributes for Fraud deconstructs ID Score®, tapping into the unique blend of cross-industry consumer behaviors in the ID Network, including 3.3 million client-reported frauds to provide rich, meaningful insights.

How ID Network Attributes for Fraud Can Help You

  • Reduce fraud losses with accurate, up-to-the minute insights to drive more effective scores and rules strategies
  • Boost operational efficiency with fewer manual reviews targeting truly high-risk applications
  • Improve the customer experience with enhanced fraud assessments that minimize the number of legitimate applicants you manually review