If your organization has suffered a data breach compromising your customers’ personal information, you want to do something to make it right. Instead of providing a limited credit-monitoring service, protect your customers and your organization with a solution that pinpoints fraudulent behavior related to the breach.

ID Analytics for Data Defense™ helps your business, whether you’re a potential breach victim or you’ve already been hit. It lets you replace your customers’ sense of violation with the knowledge that you’re providing high-quality protection against further misuse of their personal information.

How It Works

ID Analytics for Data Defense watches for transactions and account changes involving the compromised personal information of your customers and employees, and lets you alert them to problems which appear to be the result of the data breach. It can be set up in advance, so that you’re prepared for unforeseen events, and can even identify a data breach you weren’t yet aware of.

How ID Analytics for Data Defense Can Help You

  • Do more than just apologize, by providing a valuable service that monitors your customers and employees information for signs of abuse
  • Reveal undetected breaches with on-going monitoring that looks for patterns of organized misuse involving your customer base