When the lines between credit and fraud are blurred and a customer’s application is based on overall risk of loss, ID Score® - Action is the solution.

The unique insight into both traditional and alternative credit behaviors in the ID Network® allows ID Score – Action to give an accurate risk prediction for nearly every U.S. consumer, including most no-hit and thin-file consumers. Purpose-built for markets where a loss is a loss, regardless of the underlying cause, ID Score – Action provides an effective and adverse-actionable means of assessing risk designed with fair lending standards in mind.

How It Works

ID Score – Action provides a powerful and differentiated perspective on credit risk that can deliver strong results as a stand-alone score, or as an enhancement to existing custom solutions. Once ID Score – Action fully evaluates the consumer, low-scoring applications can be declined or extended restricted offers, while others may be quickly approved.

How ID Score – Action Can Help You

  • Grow your portfolio, with an accurate risk assessment that helps safely extend better terms and pricing to more consumers
  • Reduce losses by identifying the applicants who truly warrant conservative terms and pricing
  • Evaluate nearly every applicant, including underbanked and recovering credit consumers which traditional credit bureaus often struggle to evaluate