Identify the right prospects, with the insight needed to make compelling direct-mail offers to risk-appropriate consumers.

Credit Optics® Prescreen runs prospects against the unique blend of traditional and alternative data in the ID Network®, delivering a more complete assessment of credit risk. By delivering a credit assessment that is both accurate and uncorrelated with credit bureau scores, Credit Optics Prescreen allows you to see opportunity where others simply see risk.

How It Works

Credit Optics Prescreen predicts the likelihood of a prospect ending up 90 days delinquent or charging-off within 12 months. By utilizing a rich source of traditional and alternative data, Credit Optics Prescreen identifies prospects with the right balance of risk and propensity to respond, allowing you to grow both response and booking rates.

How Credit Optics Prescreen Can Help You

  • Grow response rates by identifying credit-seeking consumers which fit your risk tolerance
  • Boost booking rates by targeting consumers of stable or improving credit quality who are likely to still meet approval criteria at the time of application