Successful portfolio management includes a regular re-evaluation of the customer. Has something changed that might merit a change in terms? Has risk increased or decreased?

Credit Optics® Portfolio Management helps to answer these questions with a broader view into consumer behavior, allowing you to adjust terms as needed. With the solution’s unique insight of traditional and alternative data, you’ll access a powerful credit risk perspective to help you identify customers with improving credit quality for credit line increases and cross-sell opportunities.

How It Works

Credit Optics Portfolio Management predicts the likelihood of a customer ending up 90 days delinquent or charging-off within 12 months. By incorporating non-traditional activities like wireless, sub-prime loan and alternative payment applications, Credit Optics Portfolio Management gives a more complete credit assessment.

How Credit Optics Portfolio Management Can Help You

  • Strengthen high-value relationships by accurately identifying more customers of improving credit quality
  • Reduce losses by quickly decreasing open-to-buy, re-pricing, or even de-authorizing customers with declining credit quality