Better credit decisioning using a combination of traditional and alternative credit data allows you to be more inclusive with your lending strategy across your portfolio - without increasing risk exposure. And the key to better lending decisions is incremental data.

Credit Optics® Full Spectrum (FS) draws from the unique blend of traditional and alternative consumer credit data in the ID Network® to inject new, predictive information into existing custom and bureau-based credit scores. The result is an improved understanding of credit risk for all applicants – prime to subprime, thick file to no file that helps you see opportunity where others simply see risk.

How It Works

Credit Optics FS looks at traditional and alternative credit data to predict the likelihood of a customer ending up 90 days past due or charging-off within 12 months. By evaluating non-traditional activities like wireless, sub-prime loan and marketplace loan responsibilities, Credit Optics FS provides a more complete credit assessment for nearly every U.S. consumer.

How Credit Optics Full Spectrum Can Help You

  • Grow your portfolio without growing risk, by extending better pricing and terms to consumers misclassified by traditional credit scores
  • Accurately evaluate over 75% of applicants which can’t be assessed by traditional credit scores
  • Feel more secure with a solution designed for compliance with fair lending standards, while tapping into a powerful and differentiated source of alternative data.