See Opportunity Where Others See Risk

ID Analytics’ credit solutions let you make smarter lending decisions, with a more complete view into consumer behavior that helps to grow your business without growing losses.

By pairing traditional credit data with powerful alternative insights from the wireless, banking and sub-prime markets, ID Analytics enables smarter, more accurate credit decisions across the customer lifecycle. Unlock the potential of alternative data through solutions built to respect consumer transparency and fair lending practices, allowing you to grow your business with confidence.

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ID Analytics’ customer acquisition solutions inject new, predictive information into existing credit bureau and custom models, to help improve your approval and pricing decisions. Grow your portfolio responsibly, by tapping into a set of solutions designed to show you opportunity where others simply see risk. Get more information about our customer acquisition solutions by clicking on the icons below.

ID Analytics’ portfolio management solutions evaluate your customer base for changes in credit quality, helping you strengthen high-value relationships and avoid unnecessary losses. By evaluating a unique blend of traditional and alternative consumer behaviors, these solutions provide the more complete credit assessment needed to take your portfolio management decisions to the next level. Get more information about our portfolio management solutions by clicking on the icon below.

ID Analytics’ prospecting solutions deliver a comprehensive view of prospect credit risk, enabling more effective direct marketing campaigns. Drive up response and approval rates, with solutions that utilize a unique blend of alternative and traditional credit data to identify more prospects with the right balance of risk and propensity to respond. Get more information about our prospecting solutions by clicking on the icon below.