Control operational costs and financial losses by affordably managing identity verification requirements.

Verify360® helps efficiently and effectively confirm identity data provided by potential customers. It automatically clears or remediates most individuals, allowing them to proceed through an onboarding process. When issues are detected, Verify360 can return contrary data and provide element-specific verification flags needed to enable more efficient manual reviews.

How It Works

Verify360 uses the real-time, cross-industry consumer transactions in the ID Network® – with 54 million new identity elements coming in every day – to verify the provided identity data and highlight possible risk.

How Verify360 Can Help You

  • Reduce friction by assessing the critical insights needed to verify a high percentage of identities without manual intervention
  • Remediate tough-to-verify identities with a solution that assesses alternative data not captured by traditional credit bureaus and public records
  • Improve operational efficiencies by providing insight into the verification challenges for un-cleared identities