If you have unique ‘know your customer’ needs based on specialized regulatory requirements, Resolve360 provides a solution to obtain missing or incomplete identity information while avoiding the friction of having to ask for detailed input.

Given a couple of data points, Resolve360® can fill in incomplete personal information needed for risk management functions. Use it to verify compliance, assess fraud risk and update customer records. Resolve360 works with a high level of precision, enabling safe and compliant engagement with consumers without hassling them for sensitive, yet essential information.

How It Works

Resolve360 uses the data on more than two billion cross-industry consumer transactions in the ID Network® to accurately identify the consumer in question and return any needed identity element, such as Social Security number, address or date of birth. This is a specialized solution designed for customers with specific risk management use cases, and is not intended for marketing or credit assessment purposes.

How Resolve360 Can Help You

  • Get missing or incomplete identity information needed to complete a wide variety of risk management functions, without hassling the consumer
  • Stay in compliance with changing regulations through accurate, up-to-date customer information