In identity manipulation, perpetrators use their own personal data instead of stealing information from others. They manipulate their identities with small changes designed to keep you from seeing their true histories and their true intentions.

IM Score™ helps to assess, both during acquisition and over the lifetime of an account, whether a person shows signs of manipulation that suggest significant fraud risk. Because a high-risk IM Score stems from repeated attempts to conceal an identity, it often indicates a strong likelihood of financial loss.

How It Works

IM Score assesses the variation in a consumer’s identity elements over time, separating the occasional typo from a deliberate pattern of manipulation. This unique perspective allows IM Score to be used as an additive score to an existing underwriting process, enhancing both fraud and compliance assessments.

How IM Score Can Help You

  • Identify applicants hiding a past negative history with your organization
  • Locate customers in your current portfolio who are actively manipulating their identities in the marketplace
  • Improve identity verification efforts and avoid potential violations by pinpointing applicants who are misrepresenting themselves