When making crucial assessments for verification and compliance, you sometimes need more than a score. You want detailed data on the characteristics necessary to drive rules-based strategies and manual investigations.

ID Network® Attributes for Verification delivers intuitive, specific responses to more than 65 identity-related questions, answering the crucial questions needed to tackle the biggest verification and compliance challenges.

How It Works

ID Network Attributes for Verification taps into the unique blend of cross-industry consumer behaviors in the ID Network – with 54 million new identity elements added every day – to provide rich, meaningful information to guide verification and compliance processes.

How ID Network Attributes for Verification Can Help You

  • Reduce friction by accessing the critical insights needed to verify a high percentage of identities without manual intervention
  • Remediate tough-to-verify identities with a solution that accesses unique, cross-industry data not captured by traditional credit bureaus and public records
  • Improve operational efficiencies by providing remediation insights for unverified identities