Maximize Conversion and Manage Risk.

Modern consumers expect a frictionless, easy new account enrollment experience.  Whether in-person, online, or via call center, consumers want a simple and safe sign-up process.  At the same time, enterprises seek to maximize new account enrollments without introducing additional risk. As consumer expectations increase, is your business providing a simple and seamless customer experience?

A highly configurable, software-as-a-service solution, ID Connect™ is designed to help businesses streamline the digital application and enrollment process, ensuring a frictionless consumer experience with two key features, ID Connect Resolution and ID Connect Photo.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides a seamless consumer experience while meeting KYC requirements
  • Drives higher online conversion rates
  • Mitigates fraud risk through digital channels

How it Works

For most consumers, ID Connect requires a minimal amount of information to be collected to validate the user’s identity, automatically populate fields within the application, and perform a risk assessment. ID Connect leverages the power of the ID Network®, ID Analytics’ proprietary identity network, and risk assessment tools to enable safe account creation in a matter of seconds.  An optional feature, ID Connect Photo allows the user to populate an account enrollment form by capturing an image of their government-issued identification card with a mobile device.

ID Connect allows businesses to grow safely by increasing conversion rates while verifying the individual’s identity and managing against fraud riskLearn more >