A knowledge-based authentication quiz that helps ensure you know who you’re dealing with at the most critical moments, such as account originations, profile changes and high-risk transactions.

Certain ID® can help authenticate nearly every U.S. consumer – including youth, newly banked and other emerging market segments – by tapping into the unique cross-industry data in the ID Network®. Because the ID Network is a proprietary data source, Certain ID poses a series of questions imposter can’t easily obtain through public record searches.

How It Works

Certain ID is an authentication tool that draws from the non-public, cross-industry data in the ID Network to create intuitive questions that are top-of-mind for your customers, but difficult for an imposter to answer correctly. And it partners nicely with ID Score®. Use ID Score to identify high-risk applications, and then remediate legitimate individuals with Certain ID.

How Certain ID Can Help You

  • Know who you’re interacting with, by utilizing questions based on non-public data that imposters can’t easily obtain
  • Configure an authentication assessment that meets your unique needs, with customizable pass/fail standards and quiz settings