Know Your Customer. Better.

When evaluating a new customer, it’s a two-step process. Without proper authentication and verification, you may face compliance challenges and financial losses.

ID Analytics’ solutions leverage the unique cross-industry blend of traditional and alternative data in the ID Network® to help you know your customer better. We use non-public data to authenticate more securely than competing solutions, all at an affordable price point.

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ID Analytics’ authentication solutions help you know who you’re dealing with at the most crucial moments – like application submissions, account management activities and other high-value interactions. These solutions utilize rich non-public data to authenticate consumers with questions which are intuitive and top-of-mind for legitimate consumers, yet challenging and hard-to-research for imposters.

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ID Analytics’ compliance solutions utilize unique cross-industry data to deliver identity verification insights that are both accurate and intuitive, helping to meet a range of regulatory requirements. Reduce customer friction, get control of operational costs, and avoid the financial losses associated with non-compliance with a set of solutions purpose-built to address even the toughest-to-verify consumers.

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ID Analytics’ identity assessment solutions efficiently and effectively evaluate the identity information presented by new customers. Reduce friction during new customer onboarding and decrease operational costs, with a set of solutions designed to improve identity verification processes while identifying potential risk due to misrepresentation or manipulation.

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